Tie Sales



Our current hours are by appointment ONLY.  Please contact the office at 734-283-5688 to make your appointment.

We carry a wide variety of railroad ties from new and used cross ties to longer length switch ties.  Our cross ties are either 6” x 8” or 7” x 9” and are all roughly 8’ in length .  We have a rotating stock of used cross ties ranging in price anywhere from $19.00 to $32.00, depending on quality.  New cross ties are currently $58.00 each .  Switch ties are 7” x 9” and range in length from 9’ to 16’.  Used switch ties are $1.95 per foot and new switch ties are $11.90 per foot.  We no longer cut ties to exact length.  We also offer a delivery service for an additional charge. 

For a current list of our inventory or to schedule delivery, please call the office at 734-283-5688.